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SWL Standard – STAB|STAE hard fibre

STAB|STAE hard fibre

The blockboards!


Bonding: IF20 (interior applications) or AW100 Emission class E1. Core material made of fully-bonded spruce, pine or poplar blocks.


Bonding: IF20 (interior applications) or AW100 (exterior applications) Emission class E1. Core material made of peeled and fully-bonded spruce, poplar or oversees woods with upright growth rings for a defined shrinkage. This creates a high surface quality.

Specialities|Key advantages:
  • • Good dimensional stability
  • • Minimum deformation
  • • Low weight
  • • High load-bearing capa
  • • Screw withdrawal resistance
  • • Easy to process
  • • Solid wood
  • • Low formaldehyde emission

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Product designation:STAB|STAE hard fibre
Crossband:Hydrophobised hard fibre board (paintable, carb certified) on request
Veneer|wood types:
Standard formats: 5,600 x 2,070 mm
2,800 x 2,070 mm
Max. press format:on request
Thicknesses:STAB = 13 - 38 mm
STAE = 13 - 38 mm
Bonding:formaldehydefree from 100 pieces,
Formaldehydgehalt < 0.05 ppm available
Other species and veneers, sizes, thicknesses available upon request.
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