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SWL Light – Balsa board Lightwood Poplar plywood|HDF

Balsa board Lightwood Poplar plywood|HDF

The special compositions!

  • • Design elements in the furniture and interior design
Specialities|Key advantages:
  • • High compressive strength at very low weight
  • • Flexible options for surface design
  • • Extreme freedom for shape and form thanks to its solid core
  • • Straightforward edge processing without framing or reinforcements in a conventional way without special tools

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Product designation:Balsa board Lightwood Poplar plywood|HDF
Crossband:Core layer end grain Balsa
Standard formats: 1,220 x 2,440 mm |
2,070 x 5,200 | 2,600 mm (HDF)
Thicknesses:13 - 98 mm
Specific weight:Approx. 360 kg/m³
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