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SWL Light – ST|STAE Light HDF B1

The finger-jointed light blockboards!

Completely new possibilities in exhibition, theatre and stage construction based on massive weight reduction and extremely easy handling!

Blockboards made of the light and rapidly growing wood type albasia falcata guarantee absolutely smooth surfaces with low weight, high strength and screw withdrawal resistance!

  • • Light, supporting constructions
  • • Modular systems
  • • Walls
Specialities|Key advantages:
  • • Sanded core-layer (both sides)
  • • Finger-jointed strips, no knot-holes
  • • Suitable for depth-milling
  • • Thicknesses up to 100mm with special constructions also available upon request
  • • High quality finish and marginal swelling (2,3%)
  • • 3D-coating possible
  • • High strength (4400 N/mm²)
  • • Good screwing strength (1400 N/mm²)

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Product designation:ST|STAE Light HDF B1
Core material:ST Light = Finger-jointed, core material sanded on both sides made of albasia |
STAE Light = Fully-bonded albasia rotary cut veneers with upright growth rings
Standard formats: 5,200 | 2,600 x 2,070 mm
Max. press format:on request
Thicknesses:ST Light = 13 -50 mm |
STAE Light = 13 -42 mm
Specific weight:ST Light = Approx. 460 kg/m³ at 19 mm
ST Light = Approx. 420 kg/m³ at 38 mm |
STAE Light = Approx. 510 kg/m³ at 19 mm
STAE Light = Approx. 430 kg/m³ at 38 mm
Fire protection class: (DIN EN 13501-1)C-S2,d0
Other species and veneers, sizes,thicknesses (for cores and faces) and AW100 bondingavailable up on request.
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